Friday, June 4, 2010

Göttingen: Stadt, die Wissen schafft

[ The city which creates knowledge ]

Michigan is the "the great lakes state" : Great lakes, great times [ at least that was a slogan for some period of time. ]

Troy is "the city of tomorrow, today"

Following this trend on this post, German cities all seem to have a nickname too, or some kind of slogan.

Every time I hop on and off the train I see the Göttingen slogan:

It means "the city that creates knowledge", and it is a play on words since "schaffen" in this sense, means to create. However, the word "Wissenchaft" is the word for science, a subject that Göttingen is well renowned for because of its prominent University.

Göttingen boasts some great thinkers and Nobel Prize winners coming out of this rather quaint German city with a scenic city center. The University is also expanding, now with a north campus that houses even more progressive experiments in the sciences, along side its well known faculties in politics and law.