Saturday, May 29, 2010

das deutsche Leben

[ The German Life ]

Let's face it, I let myself get distracted for a few days, and I had some unique adjusting to do when I returned back to Germany. Last time I made a trip to Poland, it was planned conveniently between my transition from Saarbrücken to Göttingen. This time, I really had no transition period. Germany was beautiful when I returned. It had not rained here nearly as much as the devastating flood inducing storms in Poland, but I did return after the bad weather moved out and it was a post-card perfect spring setting in Germany. Good weather, and bustling city center aside, I found myself struggling a bit to get back into the swing of things and get some of my German homework done.

Life in Germany isn't all Kaffe und Kuchen all the time [ even though it is good when there is Kaffe and Kuchen ]. There are some days that I wake up and I feel as if my German was better back in Saarbrücken when I was still conjugating verbs. I have on and off days. There are some evenings that we can discuss current events after the news, like the ongoing mess of Greece, bankruptcy and Angela Merkel being pressured to help the situation - all of this in fluid German with me following along fine. Then there are the days, like trying to explain the floods in Poland to Andreas... and he simply had to stare at me, pause, and admit that he didn't follow one word.

Back to work now, back to daily life, I have hit my own little bump in the road - I need to make the effort to move from understandable German to good German. That means I have to stop inventing genders for nouns and make some good sentences. This is where finding motivation requires a bit of creativity, but I think I will manage.