Friday, May 28, 2010


[ Auschwitz ]

I did not feel that the following photos were appropriate to add to my original post about Poland. I visited Auschwitz concentration camp with my brother, and I do feel that it is important, however, to acknowledge the experience on the blog. Babcia did not go on this excursion with us, about one hour south of Krakow - she had seen it once and beyond that she had nothing left there to see.

[ The entrance sign: "Work will set you free" ]

The circumstances of my year could definitely have had me confused and upset at the site, trying to understand Germany and Poland in very intimate experiences. Even so, what Auschwitz presents even more profoundly is how the continent around it has changed so much in the years that have passed - Auschwitz is extremely hard to contemplate. It cannot go unnoticed however how meticulous the camp was; Every detail is documented. The experience required a period of time for me to return back to the optimistic and celebratory atmosphere of my trip to Poland, but it was a very important experience that will stay with me for a long time.