Thursday, May 27, 2010

Polen mit Babcia

[ Poland with Babcia ]

First in Kraków, then a trip to Częstochowa, followed by a trip to the mountains in Zakopane, later getting stuck in the flood that took place in Poland of historical proportions, all intermixed with visits with several dozens of family members of all generations. It was an incredible experience, and here are a few of the photos from my trip to Poland with Babcia.


[ Babcia with Kaśka and Michał ]

[ King of the castle ]

[ Częstochowa ]

[ The Black Madonna of Częstochowa, one of the most famous relics of Poland around the world. It is so shrined in gold and jewels that it radiates in the church. ]

[ Underground in the Weliczka Salt Mines - and an interesting find, the Weimar room and a tribute to Goethe, the famous German poet that visited the mines at one time. I had to capture these photos for Andreas. ]

[ Adam sporting a Góral inspired look in Zakopane ]

[ The rain begins, 5 days straight. Here come the floods. ]

[ Polish style 70's bar in Zakopane. I guess you had to be there to understand. ]

[ Remember Ciocia Zosia, my aunt who I met in Munich? She visited us again in Poland! Always a great time - and a few unforgettable photos. ]

[ Life in the smaller Polish towns and villages ]

[ This was a small creek, around 2 meters, now swollen to over 100 meters across due to the floods. The damage in southern Poland was devastating. ]

[ Visiting the appartment where Babcia once lived and also raised our uncle and aunt before coming to America. ]
[ The view that Babcia would have seen from her Appartment looking over Krenica ]