Monday, May 3, 2010

das meistgeküssten Mädchen der Welt

[ The most kissed girl in the world ]

She may have had some cameo-appearances in some previous posts, but I am surprised myself that I have not paid a little homage to one of the most representative landmarks of Göttingen. Die Gänseliesel [ the Goose Elizabeth ] statue is located in the middle of central Göttingen right in front of the scenic altes Rathaus.

This town square has been full of people lately due to the nice weather we have been experiencing, and the statue is always circled by many people enjoying the afternoons in the town, often times eating Gelato from stands that are virtually on every street.

The Gänseliesel has another nickname, and with so much news about Graduations in the states right now, I have been keen to share a little tradition that takes place here in Göttingen. Das meistgeküssten Mädchen der Welt - The most kissed girl in the world - is the nickname given to the girl of this statue. Each year, when Phd graduates officially finish their studies, the tradition has it that they climb the statue and kiss the girl on the cheek. The statue may not be that large, but its delicate appearance and flowing fountain is a pleasant and memorable symbol of my hometown here in Germany. After all, being one of the central spots in the city, the statue has been used many times as a meeting point.

"Wir treffen uns in zehn minuten bei der Gänseliesel"

We're meeting in 10 at the Gänseliesel!