Saturday, April 24, 2010

Blick auf Göttingen

[ Sights of Göttingen ]

I have lived in Göttingen for about 7 months now and have come a long way since my first days in the beginning of the semester getting lost in the city center [ quite funny now, because it isn't that big, just many tiny interconnected pedestrian streets]. I have captured many events in the city through some of my stories and photos, but I really haven't documented anything about my home here in Germany much like I did about my previous home of Saarbrücken.

[ For just one week, the University Campus became pink with incredible cherry blossoms. The scene with the colorful trees and the rows of bikes represents spring, and the beginning of the new semester now taking place in Göttingen ]

I am going to introduce some of the landmark corners, picturesque sights, and historical facts about Göttingen in a series of posts. With the weather becoming spring here, I have found myself discovering and rediscovering things about this small University city in the very middle of Germany and the unique things that it has to offer.