Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Herzlich wilkommen zurück zu Hause

[ Welcome back Home! ]

Switching practikums wasn´t the only change taking place over the past week. My host parents were on their way back from their almost 2 month adventure visiting friends in New Zealand and I was going to be moving back home. I did some grocery shopping for the house - purchased the basics for a German household, can´t forget the Vollkornbrot, whole grain bread, of course. I also purchased some ingredients to surprise Inge with a cake since I knew that her birthday was coming up right after they returned home.

Tuesday afternoon directly from work, I arrived back at the house greeted by Inge and Andreas both glowing from their fresh-from-vacation tans. Inge planted a big kiss on my cheek, and like previous times, I get a reminder of the warm greeting when I notice the pink smudge on my cheek next time I pass a mirror.

The weather was wonderful - they arrived on one of the most perfect spring days so far in Göttingen, and we were already into excited conversation about the trip. That was when Andreas tapped my shoulder and brought me into the other room.

"you do know what today is, right?".


...it can´t be.

But it was, the day after they returned from their trip was Inge´s birthday. I felt terrible. I had very good intentions to give her a nice surprise, but it turns out that the surprise was on me, and I definitely messed up the dates. I still gave Inge another big hug and a big "Alles gute zum Geburtstag", but it didn´t cover the awkwardness that I felt making the mistake. I am still making the cake soon [ Since Andreas had another very nice one ready for afternoon coffee] so we will just be having a lot of cake lately.

Out back on the patio, we had a very nice lunch catching up on the trip. Marin, along with Laura and little Timmi stopped by, and the afternoon was very nice. Inge´s multi-kilo shell collection that amost tipped the scales of their luggage alotment was sprawled accross a table out back.

Over the next few days Andreas uploaded the several hundreds of incredible photos that they took in New Zeeland, and everything began to feel like normal again back home. Easter is coming up, and more family will be visiting, and in the time being I am enjoying the conversations with Inge and Andreas as well as the weather becoming more like spring here in Göttingen.