Thursday, March 11, 2010

Suche nach neuen Inspirationen.

[ The search for new inspirations ]

It is well into March now and I have been in Germany 8 months now. This time feels strange - well actually it feels extremely normal, which is why it is strange. Germany is not foreign anymore. It is home. It may have its quirks, but they don't seem to jump out at me and say "that is my blog post for the day!". Shamefully I have noticed that my blog counts for the first few months I was here reached into double digits, and February, even being the busy time that it was, brought in a mere 6... preceded by a whopping 17 in January.

Things have been far from boring or uninspiring, but maybe I have become so caught up with the feeling of normal life in Germany, that what I would write about would seem too simple, forgetting that my readers are all overseas. I have my last 3rd of the year to experience here in Germany. The weather is still gray and frigid [ I'll blame the weather for my lack of blog posts. We all seem to blame the German gray weather for everything here anyways...] but spring is around the corner.

I am working at my internship everyday, but along with my different work schedule and hours, my day is structured differently than my university months, and I have opportunities to do other things. I hope to use this post as a new launch into a successful 4 more months of blogging while being here in Germany and continue to reflect on what inspired me the most. I hope to capture some more architecture that catches my view, politics with headline stories, history that connects together my interests and background, as well as new spontaneous adventures that I still have yet to explore.

Tying in nicely to a theme of re-inspiration and rejuvenation are some photos I took with friends this past weekend on a visit with our Semestertickets south from Göttingen to Kassel. The city has a very nice open air market square that was bustling on the weekend. Another interesting note about the city is that it is an exemplary "green" city with green public transportation and energy used only from green sources.

Also in the city that can spark the imagination is the Bergpark Wilhelmshöhe, which has a wonderful castle and an incredible hillside garden, and actually the largest park built up a hillside in Europe. From this park one can look down to the castle, which looms over the city which is further down the hill into the horizon. The mossy emerald greens, streaming hiss of the waterfalls, stark whites of the ice and snow, alongside brown hughs from the stone ruins and crisp garden remains created an incredible panoramic of beautiful landscapes. The photos only show some of the sites, but it was enough to make me realize that I have a lot of adventuring to do to live my next four months to the fullest. [ and just to also note, who is the one that slipped off the mossy rocks into the river being too overzealous to capture a good photo?... it shouldn't be a hard guess].