Saturday, January 9, 2010


[ New Years Eve ]

The table was set, the food cooked, and everyone was getting ready for a nice evening together to bring in 2010. There were actually a few more surprises with some new hairstyles and a few feather boas thrown into the mix as well.

After enjoying the great food we all made together, we had some time before midnight and we played some games including charades and putting names of celebrities on our foreheads and guessing who we are - Klara hilariously portraying her interpretation of Chancellor Angela Merkel.

Just minutes before midnight we all went outside and some neighbors were lighting Fireworks. Fireworks, I came to learn, is a very big deal in Germany for Silvester - the name for the festivities of New Years Eve. When the clock officially struck twelve, from the impressive view down into the heart of Saarbrücken from Am. Triller, the entire city erupted into fireworks - flashes of whites, reds, greens, blues all over the city - and the overcast skies just briefly lit up like a thunderstorm as several minutes of booming fireworks in celebration of New Years took place.

Overlooking the city from the hills where the Weber Family lives was very exciting, and from the Balcony of the house, the views into the city were incredible and a very exciting way to experience the love for fireworks in Germany for Silvester.

Vorbereitung für Silvester.

[ Preparing for New Years Eve ]

With a little bit of a quite start to my visit in Saarbrücken - everyone still a bit exhausted after the multiple holidays that had just past - everything started to get lively again as plans were made over our evening on New Years Eve.

Angelika and the girls picked an eccentric centerpiece color scheme of purple and a bit of pink for the festivities and then we were off to the store to pick out a lot of great ethnic ingredients from the local Turkish store to create a multi-course meal complete with many delicious Middle-Eastern tastes.

Rolling the grape leaves, preparing the hummus, steaming couscous - the kitchen began to smell incredible.