Monday, August 2, 2010

Fruchthaus Schwieger

[ Fruit house Schwieger ]

This post has been one that I have been anxious to put up for a while. Maybe I mentioned it in passing, but Andreas, my host dad, runs the family business, and it is an iconic corner fruit market within central Göttingen.

Some times this year, while riding my bike through town, I would ride by and see Andreas, usually leaving with a crisp apple that he would toss to me over the counter. At home, I was spoiled to fresh veggies and fruit that Inga would use from the shop in great lunches and desserts. Speaking of meals, one of the best things this year was the importance of having the family together at our prompt 1:15 lunches which was the main meal of the day.

Some of the shelves in the store were just as ecclectic as the market I proudly presented a few weeks ago - various oils and vinegars, bright colors of greens, purples and reds, nuts, berries - it is quite a sight.

Unfortunately, winter was long [ very long... ] in Germany, and even after the grey half year passed, construction season began and the front of the store was blocked off where crates of produce usually line the corner.

As my final days were ticking down, I had to finally just get in and snap a few photos - the store was too much of a figure in my mind of the city to pass up. The funny thing to add is that working in the store for so long, Andreas really doesn't even like vegetables!

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