Wednesday, July 28, 2010

die letzten zwei Wochen.

[ The last two weeks ]

"Feeling a premonitory sadness at leaving Paris, we walked up to the edge of Montmartre to see a movie. Afterward, we wandered over to the Restaurant des Aristes. We arrived late, and as there were no other clients we had a sort of family get together with the monsieur caillon , his daughter and roer the waiter. we all sat around a big table and chatted in a very familiar way. after that we walked dow the hill and home through streets wet with the rain that had fallen while we were inside the lamplit city glittered in its puddles and the dnotre dame loomed out iof the mist, giving our nerves a twinge. when you know your time in a place is running out you try to fix such moments in your minds eye."

The above passage was one that I read earlier in the year and folded the page corner to remember it for later, figuring it would be relevant. It actually comes from Julia Child, who's published diary actually became a favorite passed around by my friends and I because of her adventures abroad in a foreign culture [ and enjoying the food of course]. Finland was a wonderful experience, and seemed to add so much to my last experience. Once back in Germany, it then hit me, strolling through the city center, that I was noticing corners of the city in a different way - I was almost starting to say goodbye.

Being away for a year has challenged me and impacted me in ways that I never could have expected. With two weeks remaining in my experience, the world cup broadcasted on televisions all over the city, student life vibrant, and many Bbq's and meals outside with my host family enjoying the summer weather, I could only savor every moment. Finding some forgotten Euros in my shorts pocket may have been the first reminder that it actually had been a complete year that I had been in Europe, and so much had happened in between, and time was already coming to a close.

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