Tuesday, July 6, 2010

die amerikanische Botschaft.

[ The American embassy in Berlin ]

One of the best parts of my week long seminar in Berlin was unfortunately also the event that we were not permitted to carry any cameras along with us. On the Friday of our seminar week, all American scholarship recipients were brought together to visit the German Bundestag. There were many faces I had never seen before, emphasizing the fact that this CBYX scholarship is not just limited to college students [ that is actually the smaller faction ] yet made up of many groups of high school exchanges as well.

Once in the Bundestag, I was once again able to see some of the congress workings take place and then we were led to another large conference room for the next event on the agenda. Speaking to us that morning were not only some very high officials of the German Bundestag, but also the Ambassador to Germany from America. The event was filled with speeches from students and other stories and Q/A periods and served as a good closer, and inspiration for future connections between America and Germany.

This event triggered some excitement in me as well that I could only directly connect to a similar experience in Finland. Back when I visited Helsinki, and saw my first foreign American embassy, I was so impressed with the working environments and also the staff - often times speaking multiple languages. The foreign service has always intrigued me. The job is a challenge, many language to learn, and assignments that require one to live away from home upwards of 2 years, but it seems to have much adventure and opportunities to serve my country.

The American Embassy in Berlin was the next place that we visited. At first, there was very heavy security and passport checking, but once inside, it was absolutely beautiful [ and furnished with American appliances, causing some to squeal with joy just at the sight of an American electrical outlet in the walls! ]. From my previous visits to Berlin, I noted how the American embassy was right behind the Brandenburger Tor, and very near to the French and Russian Embassies [ the British nearby to the Bundestag ] which was a physical reflection on the history of the city for the past few decades.

Being in this atmosphere once more, and learning about the potentials of the foreign service, language learning, and what I can do as an American abroad really inspired me. It was one of the events that really epitomized just how incredible this opportunity is for me here this year, and opened many ideas of what I will do next.

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