Saturday, June 5, 2010

Nebel in Cuxhaven am Strand

[ Fog in Cuxhaven on the beach ]

Spontaneous trips seem almost like a normal occurrence on this blog. The other day was no exception when a huge facebook message webbed out to all international students on campus. By word of mouth there was a big trip to Cuxhaven on the North Sea taking place.

Arriving on Sunday at the train station, over 40 students were clustered together, all ready to use their semester tickets and take the 5.5 hour train trip to the north sea, spend about 3 hours there, and then turn right around. That was more than 11 hours on the train, which equaled a long day, but the experience at the beach was great.

It was a bit cooler than we all thought, but it didn't let anyone down. We were all very flexible as a matter of fact - for some reason, I think we all imagined the German beach paradise would be right outside of the Train station. Well the beach was no paradise, and the beach was well over a few kilometers from the station [ then picture over 40 students cramming into a normal city bus. That bus stop was crowded!]

The beach itself was no mediterranean, but it was a beach, and just knowing it was the northern border of Germany to the sea was exciting. It was dismally foggy and the entire scene actually seemed grayscale in real life. Boats out in the distance and other people combing the beach.

We were able to walk for quite some time out into the sea. It was extremely shallow and we could walk out a kilometer or two and then become shrouded in the misty fog having to guess our way back.

Miriam cooked up some great Spanish foods for a picnic - tortilla and peppers - and we all ate together in the cool sand.

The excoursion was nice, and the entire day - long train trip included was very worth it.

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