Monday, June 7, 2010

Göttingen Botanischer Garten

[ Göttingen Botanical Garden ]

I cannot deny it. The weather here in Germany has miraculously become wunderbar [ since I realized I have not used this ubiquitous word yet on my blog! ]. A bit of rain here and there, but for the most part, it is weather where you find yourself outside the entire day and not back indoors until after dark - now, nearing 10 pm. There have been concerts at the university, I have been visiting parks and lakes with Moritz and friends on free afternoons enjoying the sun, some volleyball and swimming - life has been good. The ever present depression that comes along with Germany's never ending overcast season has finally lifted away. [ and this year was apparently the coldest and most dismal year in a few decades some say - from the end of fall through spring!... ]

With all the sunlight, even more flowers are blossoming everywhere, and one of my favorite parts of Göttingen has become even more beautiful. Der Botanischer Garten is right in the middle of Göttingen, but nestled behind ivy covered stone walls and other hills, it completely blends in and becomes its own little sanctuary. The garden is quite large and has hundreds [if not thousands ] of different varieties of botany from around the world. There are also green houses so steamy that they make you break into a sweat within minutes, but the tropical plant life inside with bright flowers is incredible.

On nice days after some lengthy jogs through Göttingen [ always finding different paths to take ], taking a cool down walk to the botanical garden is always nice. There is always something new to see it seems, and dodging florescent snails and slugs the size of walnuts along the way on the cool, damp ground would be enough to fascinate even the most uninspired of garden-trekkers.

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