Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Drei Tote: Bombe auf Schützenplatz explodiert

[ Headline - Three dead: bomb in evacuation site explodes ]

This is breaking news in Göttingen and has shocked many. Last night, just before ten p.m. I was hanging out with Moritz and some friends in the basement. In the distance we heard a muffled, but still prominent explosion - like a deep rumble of thunder.

Everyone looked at each other, and the word was on all of our lips already: die Bombe.

Last week, while I was in the city with some other friends, our attention was first grabbed when we saw 12 ambulances and a huge bus with police lights fly by. Something big was happening. We later found out on the news that there was no catastrophe, but the civilians in a certain area of Göttingen were being evacuated since a WWII bomb was discovered and needed to be eradicated. The bomb was successfully removed and everything around town became quite again.

[ The video clip from the news. It shows the bomb site, as well as a center that has the evacuated citizens and their reactions hearing that the procedures resulted in tragedy. ]

Just a few days later, another WWII bomb was discovered, and the procedure happened again. This time however, something terribly wrong occurred, and three men working to remove the bomb were killed in its explosion and four others were left in critical condition. This happened just hours ago late last night, and the news is getting out this morning. I am not sure how much land was destroyed on the site - just a few kilometers from my house - but it has truly impacted the city.

Possibly the most profound part of this story is that of all places it happened in Göttingen. This is a small city, known for its university and academic community, and yet these terrible things from the war years - over 60 years ago, still have an impact on the communities.

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