Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Der Kleine Prinz

[ The little prince ]

Before I even started reading "Der Vorleser" this year, a proud moment for me reading a book in German, I had a small project that I would do step by step along with Inge. We read the classic story " le petit prince" together, chapter by chapter. The book has been translated into several dozen languages, written by a French author, but I read it in German and worked with Inge to not only understand just the words, but also the complex philosophical questions it raises as well - all stemming into a very enjoyable and enriching project for the both of us.

Once the book had been read, it felt as if it was our combined achievement. In early spring we both noticed that one of the several theaters in Göttingen was adapting the book into a stage version for the season.

Having heard this, I found the perfect gift to give Inge for Easter - amongst the searching for eggs and chocolate, she found a paper bag with the symbolic flower inside - so that the iconic sheep wouldn't eat it, of course.

The gift was an invitation for both of us to go out and see the play together, and this past week we were able to go out and see the book come to life. Inge and I have been to the theater a few times this year, and once again this was a very well done presentation in the "Deutsches Theater". The book is one that many should read, and with so many translations, it can also be an excellent resource to really enhance language studying. Overall however, it was a memorable experience with my host mom, and the story is one that will always be something special for the both of us.

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  1. ahh "le petit prince"! i read it in my third (?) year of french...

    i'm glad you finally got to see the play!