Monday, April 12, 2010

Ostern Zweigen

[ Easter Branches ]

Back from Berlin, settled back home with Inge and Andreas and back to my Praktikum. It had been a quick few days of moving back home, and an exciting experience in Berlin. Things never truly slow down though since there is always something coming up on the calendar.

With Easter Weekend just a week away, the holiday crept up on me. Then I start noticing the holiday blossom around me much like the spring flowers that were coming up for the first weeks of weather that didn't have me bundled in my winter jacket. The stores were lined with Chocolate Bunnies and filled chocolate eggs of all varieties. Even in the middle of Göttingen, there was the Osternmarkt, much like the Weihnachtsmarkt, bringing the community together and decorated with springtime fare.

Inge had her own decorating that she wanted to do in the house. She has a nice collection of years of real decorated eggs - the yolks blown out, and then hand designed - and the fragile decorations date back even to before Moritz was born - that means two decade old egg shells still in perfect condition!

The tradition that Inge has made to hang the eggs is to collect a particular type of tree branch from Forests about a half hour outside of Göttingen. They have little buds, and once put in a hug vase of water, in a week in perfect timing for Easter, they blossom to uncurled little lime green leaves - an exciting prospect as the week progresses [ who knew that I would have this kid-like enthusiasm for easter eggs and Easter decoration! ].

The Sunday trip was another very nice outing with Inge and Andreas. It was the same place that we traveled together to see the castle a few months ago together - and the castle atop the hill still had me in awe over the little German village.

We walked through the forest, found a few select branches to bring back home, and found some incredible sights on the way. Up the hill one can find an awe inspiring look over rolling German hills and a little German Dorf, village, or two nestled in between. It is incredible for me to think that these clusters of homes probably don't even have over a few hundred people in their communities. It is a picture perfect moment, and another perspective on the German landscape.

The afternoon was a nice exploration with my host parents, and finally the feeling of really being caught up with the stories from their adventures in New Zealand. With Easter coming up, there will be many more great memories that will come from my time with my host family.

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