Saturday, March 20, 2010

Perspektiven aus Berlin

[ Perspectives from Berlin ]

My short visit to Berlin was definitely not short of many new ideas and curiosities about Germany. I left with many photos - often times photos taken just quick enough in my quick travels through the city to just remind me what I need to return to and see again. During the free time I had I truly enjoyed wandering down random streets and happening upon landmarks unexpectedly or finding a good corner with some interesting Graffiti.

Berlin is, as I have mentioned before, a living modern art museum. It captures history, cutting edge visuals, nostalgia and many different perspectives in between. Like the quote I found before, Berlin doesn't seem like a finished canvas. It is like walking through a project that is in the works and that makes it so unique and fascinating.

I was very fortunate to have visited Berlin through the generous invitation from the SPD party office and my Patenabgeordneter Herr Oppermann. I learned much about the party's policies during my trip, and met many people and heard their opinions. As of yet, I have no other connections to the party, but maybe later this year I can also land a small Praktikum there and learn yet another angle of the German political system.

Coming back from Berlin, I found some very interesting things searching the web looking for more answers to things that I was looking up. Two video clips stood out to me, and I thought they would accompany the blog well. One was a very interesting view of Berlin depicted as a Utopia under Nazi rule for the 1936 Olympic games. It offers an unprecedented look at how Germany portrayed itself, and yet another era of Berlin's every-changing face.

The other clip was a fun observation from one of my favorite TV personalities, travel writer and chef, Anthony Bourdain when he traveled to Berlin to document Germany cuisine.
I love his quote towards the end how German cuisine turns peasant foods of cabbage, potatoes, krauts, and fried pork into luxurious cuisine. Very true, and nonetheless, still very tasty.

Berlin is a city that I am very excited to visit again this year. There are still many landmarks left insufficiently observed, parts of the city left unseen, and many other perspectives that I know will only inspire me further.

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