Monday, March 29, 2010

ein neues Praktikum.

[ A new internship ]

Time has been moving very fast and I am already finished with my first Praktikum by the Grünen Partei. I had many great experiences there including new perspectives of the local politics in Göttingen and how it connects to the national party in Berlin. I visited city hall meetings as well as party meetings at the Green's office. My work varied from different jobs, but overall it challenged me to use German at an everyday pace.

As fast as my 6 weeks by the Grünen has come and passed, I am now moving on to my next Praktikum. This one will be with another political party, the FDP. This job took a little bit more effort sending my resume and contacting the office to request a short term internship. After a meeting at the office [ and to my surprise, the Abgeordneter - representative in the national government - was there at my introductory meeting to introduce himself and find out a little more about me. Talk about being put on the spot to speak some German. He sat me down and wanted to know what brought me to Germany, why I wanted a Praktikum with the FDP, what I hoped to gain from the experience. It was like an impromptu interview! And it was with a government representative of all people! ]

The FDP office is smaller than the Grünen. Coincidentally both parties are not the major parties in Germany, but are two of the three medium sized parties that often make the swing voted in the coalitions. Currently the FDP is in a coalition with the CDU in the Bundestag with Guido Westerwelle serving as the Vizekanzler.

The office is the regional office for representative Dr. Knopek, and is simply two computer desks, a coffee table with some seats for guests, some book shelves and a view out at the train station. My work will also be a bit different from the Grünen party. Whereas in the Green Party I collected local news stories and assisted with local political projects, at the FDP office I have a research project.

Dr. Knopek is a representative in Berlin for the FDP in the Faktionen of Sport politics and environmental politics. I will be researching information about doping protocols in Sports around the world. I have a lot of information from the current Olympic games from last month, and Dr. Knopek is also interested in information on doping Protocols in American professional sports and high school sports. This requires me to do a lot of translation which has proven, so far, to be very beneficial to my daily work at improving my German.

I am looking forward to the next few weeks observing a very new political agenda to come out of this experience in Germany with a very diverse perceptive of the current topics in German politics and society.

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