Saturday, March 6, 2010

die Überleitung

[ Transitions ]

After some good quality sleep - and still defrosting 36 hours after the frigid Cologne rendezvous - I felt refreshed and ready for the official beginning of the third part of this year. It is hard for me to believe, but I am already in the third phase of my scholarship year in the Parlamentarisches Patenschaft Programm having completed my semester at a German university and now moving on to the work world.

Looking back, it is a similar feeling to my transitions from Saarbrücken to Göttingen - I was leaving one family and life that I became adjusted too, and with full suitcases moved to Göttingen worrying how I was ever going to make friends and successfully complete homework assignments [ let alone final exams!] in German with only 2 months of language experience.

Now I am in a new transition. My very enjoyable days living with Inge and Andreas have come to a small Pause - they have left to New Zealand on an exciting 2 month excursion meeting friends and making the most of Inge's opportunities to travel now that she is in retirement. In the meantime I am still in Göttingen and living with the Deinzer family, friends of the Sebode's, and Hans who is a friend of Moritz and has also become a friend of mine since I have gotten to know him well over the past few months. I cannot complain since I am staying once again with extremely freindly and generous people, but moving homes and repacking a suitcase, especially after the go go go weeks that have just passed with tests, visiting friends, and finalizations for my internships, is admittedly a bit taxing.

[ In light of the move taking place, being in a different neighborhood of the city has me now traveling down different streets and corners of Göttingen. I have been able to discover some great new sights and old buildings that I don't think I would have every wandered to before. ]

Once again I have experienced some big changes in my daily life and living situation at the beginning of a new phase in my program, and it almost serves as a reminder to me that every day here in Germany is an adventure with something new to experience. In this transition, moving into the Praktikumphase of my program year, I have constant thoughts running through my head wondering how I am possibly ready to work in an office setting after only half a year of learning German - sure I can get around town, enjoy long conversations and even present a decent final exam speech in the language - but can I function as an intern without being a burden needing a translating-crutch as part of an office team?

It is February, and just like I thought during the days in Saarbrücken painstakingly editing my error-filled resume that I had TONS of time to find an internship ... the first day of the job is here, and somewhere in the blur I sent out applications, resumes, had small interviews with future bosses and now have internship opportunities lined up for the upcoming months. At this time last year I had sent out the application for this year abroad scholarship in Germany, not thinking much of it - now one year later I am conversational in German, wearing a button up shirt, and heading to my first day on the job. It is kind of a "pinch me" moment.

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