Thursday, February 4, 2010


The past few days have been going by incredibly fast -

CBYX mid-year seminar,

final papers and tests at the University,

a visit from my friend Galina, from UofM, before her semester abroad in Paris!,

Inge and Andreas getting ready to travel to New Zealand [ I am moving to the house of a friend of mine and the family for the time being, but nonetheless, it is always stressful living in a new place ],

and... I start my internship in a few days?!...

I am moving into phase 3 of my CBYX year, and there is a LOT happening very fast.

I am writing, but it will be about a week until things get up and running here on the blog.

I am healthy and doing well for those worried about my absence.

Bis nächste Woche.


  1. ミシガンの空から応援(おうえん)しています。フレーフレー、クリス!

  2. Hello Chris
    I found your weblog about your scholarship in Finland and it's really very interesting. Have you ever been to Kupio in Finland? Have you got some photos from there or can you tell me something about this city? I'm an artist from Poland. There is an art festival in Kuopio and they have a call for artist, now. They want the artworks to be connected with the city and its space and exhibited in the public space, eg. in a street or a square, not in a gallery. I was looking for some photos from Kuoppio and I had a feeling that it was an absolutely boring city with really nothing special there. But then I came across you weblog and actually it seems that you have this great ability to capture exciting things in the places which you visit. I read that in Kuopio there is a system of small streets and lanes for pedestrians and bicycles. Is it true? I thought of creating an instalation between buildings, in a small lane, if they exist in Kupio ;-). Sorry for crossing your private space with my question about some town in Finland where you have been a while ago. But maybe you can send me some link or tell me something interesting which will inspire me. My congratulations on your impressive scholarsips, travels to Europe and well written weblogs. My e-mail: My best wishes.