Friday, February 19, 2010

Galina besucht Göttingen pt.2 : Trifft mit Chris B.

[ Galina visits Göttingen : Meeting up with Chris B. ]

Some events make everything come full circle. In previous posts I have mentioned how visits from German exchange students to Athens High School and the connections that I made sparked my initial interests in wanting to visit Germany and learn the language. Just days before I departed overseas, one of the exchange students, Chris Bachler, was right in the middle of making his second visit back to Troy to visit friends that he made and spend time with his host family.

I actually met up together with Chris, and also invited Galina along, and we spent the afternoon together at the Greek fest down Wattles road and a coffee at Somerset mall. We chatted in English about what I might see in Germany - and at the time I was anxiously questioning what was in Saarbrücken, or for that matter what was in Niedersachsen [ Göttingen wasn't even on the radar yet! ]. We chatted about what it was like for the Germans in Michigan, and what it might be like for me living and studying in Germany.

With Galina in town in Göttingen visiting me, the timing seemed perfect to meet back together and have a similar visit, except this time, virtually everything spoken auf Deutsch, and enjoying an afternoon around a European city including lunch and a 3D movie. It is very exciting to me to think that I have met people from around the world, like Fanny from Finland visiting me in the summer, or some German friends that also visited Troy, and now the connections are coming together where I am visiting them and seeing the other side of the adventures of studying abroad.

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