Saturday, January 2, 2010

O' Tannenbaum

[ O' Christmas Tree ]

Christmas evening was just as excellent as the evening before. Absolutely delicious food - Turkey, chestnut puree, Brussels sprouts, rotkohl, mushroom soup and other great sides.

I mention the tree over and over again - but I think the tradition of the Christmas tree this year was so important and apparent for me since it is appropriately an original German tradition.

[ I had a great laugh with Inge learning the lyrics to some classic German Christmas Songs - Stille Nacht/ Silent Night and of course O'Tannenbaum sung by Nat King Cole - which has the German lyrics, but a profoundly American accent that is detected by Inge a lot more than me! ]

Picking out the tree as a family, decorating it just before Christmas, and having real Kerzen glowing [ and sometimes smoldering - better keep an eye out! ] on the tree was very special for me and something that I fully agree with Inge as a central tradition in the German Weihnachten season. There is a special feeling enjoying a great feast together as a family, sipping excellent tasting wine selected by Andreas, laughing during board games, and rounding out the early hours of the morning talking at the table - all the while the candles melt lower and dim to a fade.

[ Prost to the chef! ]

[ learning some sophisticated taste from Opa ]

Two days of celebrating [ and believe me, there is still one to go! ] and the rooms garnered the decor of excited gift-unwrapping, chocolate wrappers and board games - but look closely and you will see one other surprise I added to the tradition. Charlie Brown anyone? You bet that I watched the American Christmas classic making sure that everyone heard what Linus had to say about the real Christmas and Charlie Brown "killing" the Christmas tree. I had just as much fun over the past few days sharing some of my traditions while learning and experiencing so many new ones.

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