Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Gute rutsch ins neue jahr!

[ "Wishing you a good slide into the new year " ]

New Years day started quite late after an enjoyable evening the night before. Eva and Adriane actually had a very cool idea planned out for the entire family to come together for a big brunch despite everyone still being groggy at 12 noon on new years day.

Reminiscent of the Oktoberfest party held at the Weber house just a few months prior, Adriane and Eva had their Dirndl back on and a complete spread of Bavarian favorites on the table, from Brezeln to Weiβwurstchen und Süβer Senf. It was a very fun idea, and it was great to enjoy the morning with some comical - and stereotypical - German folk costumes and essen. [Which I must add is definitely not typical in Saarbrücken! ]

The food was very good, and the rest of New Years turned into a day for everyone to quietly relax the rest of the day away. Like other countries, all the shops in town were closed, so I think it was a day that everyone in Saarbrücken was passing by with a good book curled up on the couch.


With a few more days to enjoy with the Weber family I enjoyed the simple aspects I looked forward to during my language-school phase living there in the Fall. We went shopping, cooked together, watched movies and played Wii - it was all very nice.

I brought together a selection of gifts for the Webers hoping to find things that would match their personalities and hobbies, but reflect a little bit of me. I guess I did some reflecting going back through my photos and seeing what things were some of my favorite memories out of the many.

Before departing from Saarbrücken - helping Angelika take down Christmas decorations just minutes before walking out the door with my suitcase; I enjoyed how normal everything felt - I recieved many invitations back for different times in the year, and also some times that Addi, Eva, Lutz and Olli might come up to Niedersachsen and visit up north and I could meet up with them then.

Until then, it was back to Göttingen for me - after the very busy and exciting Christmas holiday, and then enjoyable New Year's visit to Saarbrücken - it felt like I was heading back home and finally sliding back into normal life's routine.

Frohes Neues Jahr von Deutschland! 2010!

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