Sunday, January 31, 2010


Earlier this winter with Moritz, Janna and Inge I saw the blockbuster movie Avatar in theaters - I must say this worldwide sensation is talked about so much in Germany that I feel it has been a factor in me garnering even more extensive vocabulary by having so many conversations about it. The 3-D was exciting - as well as me hearing one more foreign language beyond just Na'vi - the film was in German.

There was another opportunity that I went to the theaters the other week with Inge and Andreas, and we went together to see the new comedy here in Germany - Friendship. The film takes place right after the fall of the Berlin Wall, and two young Eastern Germans utilize the opportunity to visit the incredible dream-like free land that is America, mainly, San Francisco.

The synopsis was bound to be funny to all of us and provide quite a few laughs for all of us based off of the East German stereotypes as well as the obnoxious, but equally humorous depictions of the various Americans the Germans meet on their road-trip through continental America. Another aspect about the film, that I didn't realize until later, was that since it was a German film, it really makes a difference in terms of how the language flows when it isn't voiced over, like so many other films I see here in Germany.

I wanted to post about the movie, just because it was a fun film to see, especially with its mix of German and American scenarios, connection to the 20th anniversary of the Berlin Wall which was this past year, and another small milestone that I might just be starting to pick up on understanding the jokes in German comedies without even realizing it - I was laughing.

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