Monday, January 4, 2010

Der zweite Feiertag

[ The second [and last] day of Christmas ]

On der zweite Feiertag – the second day of Christmas – yes, the holidays just kept going over here at the Sebode house – after another breakfast enjoying the extra cup of coffee to keep on going, the family followed suit like the day before and was ready to go out for another nice Spaziergang.

This trip was a little more outside of Göttingen and required a bit of a drive, but the scenery with endless rolling planes in the German countryside and a walk down the hill to another lake shimmering from its thin layer of ice was perfect for an enjoyable early afternoon.

[Fuβball Mom]

Christmas was winding down, but I still had many exciting days ahead of me. I had just spent a very memorable holiday season with the Sebode family and fully enjoyed all of the festivities that that so excitedly included me in as a son and brother – it is really something very special to me.

[ last day at the Weihnachtsmarkt with Moritz ]

As family members were packing bags and heading home, Moritz was zipping his big backpack for his trip to south America the next day for four months – quite the adventure! – Janna was preparing to return to university in Paris, and I was also packing my bags – the next day, the 27th, I was heading back to Saarbrücken to bring in the new year with my first host family earlier this year, the Webers.

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