Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Haus der Geschichte der Bundesrepublik Deutschland

[ House of History of the Federal Republic of Germany ]

The BIMUN conference was very busy with a lot of debating, resolution writing, continued research and trying to catch some rest in between [ or just substituting a lot of coffee]. There were, however, a lot of other great events to experience while the conference was going on and one was the Haus der Geschichte der Bundesrepublik Deutschland - A history museum that covered the great changes that took place in Germany directly after WW2 until the present.

The museum was fascinating. The tour started documenting the end of the war with Germany divided into the four sections of the allied partners. Concentration camps were closed down and the nation was completely demilitarized and monitored by these over presiding nations. Through the hallways we were led through the changes that took place, including the desperate need for food during the shortages, the lack of resources to successfully produce new goods and materials [ even things we take for granted took recycled forms during this time of minimalism - we even saw a soft boiled egg holder made out of a hand grenade... ]

As the years were passing as we crossed through different exhibits, we saw propaganda of German political parties showing satisfaction or displeasure from American assistance during the Marshal plan [ a chance for me to reflect to my report earlier this semester and fill in the smaller details ] yet this section of the museum connected right into the airlift support from the US sending food and supplies to West Berlin.

As the years continued to pass, we witnessed how the political parties formed - many still leading players in German politics today - and how politics was shaped within the divided Germany, the cold war as well as the desire to modernize. Getting an in depth look into the very unique political environment that took place, I witnessed other exhibits such as the Munich Olympics, creation of the VW beetle, observing the consumerism changes in Germany as well as the creation and security of the Berlin wall. There were a lot of impressive historical articles to see, in fact I even saw some notes of President Kennedy with some phonetic changes to best proclaim the famous mistake in speech making translations - " Ich bin ein Berliner! " Everything gave me a better understanding of the history of Germany that I have been learning more about this year especially with so many historical articles and exhibits to see.

[ A view of the Bonn Weihnachtsmarkt - Christmas Market - that would would pass and enjoy on most nights out ]

Along with the very exciting opportunities like visiting the museum or attending the reception at the Rathaus, every night of the conference had events as well. Of course we were all exhausted, but everyone would go out for long nights of dancing and even karaoke singing de-stressing from the day of speech making and debating that had just past [ or maybe making more stress since each night only really equated to a little more than 4 hours of sleep...]. The week was definitely a very packed one with something happening all the time, but loosing out on some sleep was totally worth it for the great fun I had meeting people and making the most out of every moment of the conference.

[ The Beautiful Bonn Cathedral that prominently stood over the marktplatz ]