Monday, December 28, 2009

Finnische Specialitäten Weihnachtsmarkt

[ Finnish Themed Christmas Market in Hanover ]

Very similar to seeing the Mangha Japanese Culture Museum in Kraków which nostalgically combined my travels to Poland and Japan together in one building, there was another surprise in Hannover for me that brought back some other memories. One street in the Weihnachtsmarkt had a very special theme and that was ‘ Finnische Specialitäten’. It was an entire section full of reindeer skins, Lappish themed stands and tents, steaming selections of frying fish as well as drying racks of bright pink-orange salmon. The bottles of lingonberry jams as well as all the Salmiakki specialties had me beaming.

Like Poland, I had a very generous offer from my very-missed host family in Finland, the Salminens, to come to Turku and experience a Finnish Christmas, yet I had to explain that this year was an important time for me to bond with my German host family and friends and grasp as much German culture as I could. The pictures from the Finnish-style Weihnachtsmarkt really had me missing Jarno, Anna, Saani, the little twins and Fanny as well. The plan is to see them later this year for sure while I am here in Europe. The Christmas Market was definitely a surprise for me, brought back some great memories, and emphasized the fact that I have great family and friends all over Europe now and for that I am truly grateful.

Hyvää Joulua!


  1. Hi Chris! I've finally gotten around to looking at your posts! Lately, I've really been interested in the German culture on account of my roommate and her heightened interest in everything German (it's a bit of an obsession, haha). By looking at your posts, I can see why she really wants to go back to visit Germany! It seems like you're having a great time with a lot of great friends! Also, I love the pictures you've been taking of all the castles and various shops. I've actually been hooked on lingonberry jam (the kind sold at World Market). That stuff's awesome. Well, aufweidersehen (sp?) for now! We miss you back here, but continue having an awesome time!!

  2. how splendid! miss you dearly. --ellis