Thursday, December 10, 2009


[ Sleeping Beauty ]

Sleeping until noon is usually considered sleeping in, but when it only means that you slept a little more than 5 hours, it doesn't really do you much good.

A little groggy to say the least, after a cup of coffee I was ready to go on an outing with my host parents and enjoy the rest of the weekend together with them. I had a very nice time catching up with them about the delegations from the previous week at Bonn and explain to them the great learning opportunities I had participating in the United Nations conference.

My host parents had an afternoon planned to drive out and visit another castle like we had seen before [ They noted how they enjoy the facination of American and Japanese tourists at the German castles gawking at iron aromor and swords - I guess one has a different perspective on the history when it is more history and less mistique and nostalgia ].

Before making it to the castle, we first stopped at a little town that was having a mideaval festival complete with tents and attractions of traditional foods, hand made crafts and some actors walking the streets cloaked in tunics making the atmosphere more exciting. Inge and I had the opportunity to test our aim and try out some old fashioned hunting weapons... I must admit that Inge's aim was pretty precise.

[ This photo should serve as a reminder to me to treat my host mom nicely ;) ]

Being a bit of a cold, drizzly day, we warmed up sampling some mead [ fermented wine of yeast and honey] and headed off to the next stop of the tour.

Come to find out - to my amazement and excitement - that the castle I was about to whitness had a very unique history as well. It was the fabeled castle of Dornröschen - or in another name - the Castle of Sleeping Beauty popularized by the tales of Brother's Grimm. It was at this castle where the legened was passed down that a princess was locked in a tower for 100 years only to be saved by her saving prince.

The tower may not have been as unbelievably tall as its Disney counterpart, but the castle was very beautiful with ivy encompassing all sides of the walls. Outside the castle not so far away was a trail to go through woods that was filled with centeries old oak trees with trunks imensely huge. I had a very enjoyable time weaving through the paths finding the most impressive trees and chatting with my host parents along the way.

To finish up the great day - along with hearing some great jazz and oldies blues that Inge and Andreas love to listen to playing on scratchy casette tapes in the car - we went as a family together to the Weihnachtsmarkt - Chrismas Market - in Göttingen to enjoy a warm mug of Glühwein accompanying a Wurst. We checked out stand by stand the great handcrafted Christmas gifts glowing in the christmas lights dangling from wreaths around the small booths lined in the marktplatz.

Possibly from being a bit drowzy from my outright lack of sleep, but also just for the sheer fact that the day was so enjoyable, I was all warm and fuzzy and definitely beaming despite drooping eyelids, because of the great Christmas experiences I was having and the great moments I was sharing with my host family here in Göttingen.

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