Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Altes Rathaus Bonn

[ The old town hall of Bonn ]

On the second day of long hours of debating and going though drafts and corrections in possible solutions for promoting employment through green technologies in the economic crisis, we all had an exciting opportunity awaiting us in the evening. We were all formally invited to a reception at the old town hall in Bonn hosted by the mayor of the city.

Entering the very beautiful building on the Bonner Marktplatz, we all were in a state of awe as we mingled about the debates that had taken place throughout the day as we were handed a glass of wine from servers making rounds in the main room.

The mayor of Bonn, Angelica Maria Kappel, addressed the group with a warm welcome to the city as well as emphasizing the great opportunity is was to come together from all over the world, discuss these pressing world issues, and do it all at one of the most appropriate locations for a Model United Nations conference in the world – The UN Campus in Bonn, Germany.

She mentioned how Bonn had much to teach all of us being a leader in peaceful delegations over climate change and solutions, as well as the great strides the city has made to promote a greener world through example.

[The newspaper with a related article that was distributed daily to the delegates can be viewed here - can you spot me representing BDI Germany twice in the paper ?! ]

I had a great time meeting new people at the event, excitedly talking about the new arguments that would unfold the next day as resolutions became more refined in our committees and also just taking in the moment to realize that I was learning about very elaborate world politics at a rapid pace in one of the most integral locations for such discussions in the world.

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  1. i love it how there's a galina in that paper who will wear high heels no matter what. this is why russians are awesome.