Wednesday, November 25, 2009


[ résumé ]

In between all of the normal school work, language learning, family-life experiencing events that are taking place here during my year abroad in Germany, there have been things still happening behind the scenes that I have needed to complete to make sure that I follow the program I am on with CBYX.

As I have mentioned, the CBYX program is the Congress-Bundestag scholarship for young professionals, therefore internship work is a fundamental part of the program - over 5 months of the year. Aside from the challenges of completing successful work in a German company, let alone speaking enough German to function in an office environment, an internship is not just handed to me with this program - part of the adventure this year is finding, applying and landing a praktikum on my own terms.

During the language school phase this was a very daunting feeling for me - I am 19, don't speak business level German and I don't even have a college degree - unlike many other PPPler. How was I going to find any job let alone something that I would find beneficial to me. Fortunately my InWEnt representative [ from the program that advises us through our scholarship year here in Germany ] has given me a couple names and numbers as leads here in Göttingen. At least I know where some political party offices are now, and a name to address my cover letter of my resume, but the rest of the work has been up to me and my choppy German skills from there.

[ My resume that I have had to correct numerous times to get the German right and translate my experience and background from America into understandable language in German. I have also completed a cover letter in German that explains my experience in Germany and the reasons why I am searching for that particular job - a necessary attachment to the Lebenslauf here in Germany.]

Over the past couple of weeks I have organized some meetings around the city in between my class schedule, got on a shirt and tie and nervously anticipated a lengthy conversation in German explaining my opportunities here in Germany under my scholarship and my next step in finding an internship to start in February.

So far I have had a few meetings with the Green party here in Göttingen, and coming soon another few meetings to introduce myself to the FDP party. Things have gone smoothly so far - a lot of vocabulary I now know I need to learn - but at least I held my own in the conversations with my new potential Chefs - bosses.

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