Friday, October 30, 2009

Versuch und Irrtum

[ Trial and Error ]

On Tuesday my classes were once again later in the day, but I was up early since I had to get to the Rathaus before noon [another place that closes before noon]. I had to and take a few more documents to solidify my registration in Göttingen with my visa [why is there SO much paperwork in this country?] It seems that I will be registering for something here in Germany all the way until my departure day back to America!

Fortunately everything went smoothly, just more waiting, since I do have to return to the south part of town sometime in November to pick up [what, I don’t really know] something for my visa/passport.

[ Some of the sister-cities to Göttingen including Torun in Poland! ]

That afternoon I stopped into the library a little after one o’clock to use the internet until my classes later in the day – which got me thinking about the entire business of transferring credits back to UofM and making the most out of my experience here at a German university for one semester. I scanned through the course listing again seeing tons of classes with long titles in German that I didn’t even think to search deeper into. Then I saw “Cultural Studies”. The title was in English… maybe the class is taught in English. No additional information… just a room number and a time – 2:15. That was only a few minutes away, so I added the course, packed my bag, and within minutes of selecting “Cultural Studies,” I was taking a seat in the classroom on the 4th floor of the VG building.

[ Georg-August Uni's answer to Wolverine Access at UofM. Registering and searching for classes is hard enough in English on the UofM system... now it is a different system, and in German!?]

The professor started speaking in English [sigh of relief], and then posed the broad question of “What are cultural studies?” to open discussion for the comparative literature class – everything was still going fine – until the syllabus came around.

Cultural Studies Group 1: Comparative British Literature

The reading list seemed immense.

I was in the wrong class.

I painfully sat through the rest of the hour and a half lecture [served me right for the hasty decision], did participate in the discussion however [ just for fun, as the token American's opinion on these cultural issues! ] and within minutes of finishing, was back online to un-register from the course. I am still going through the process of figuring out what classes to take, and this was just an example of the trial and error process that it entails – In the end, I should have a decent schedule to try and get some credits to take back to the states.

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