Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Spaß und Spiele

[ Fun and Games ]

Once back at the international Foyer for a group dinner, we all had our presentations – ranging from one group poking fun how we may have no idea what we are hearing… but still say Ja, ja, ja in agreement with everything [*I have been guilty of this], to other groups mocking the Germans that wait until the walk symbol is green even with no cars in sight. Everyone had good laughs, and honestly after two full days of hearing, speaking and working in German, I think everyone was exhausted.

The night was not over however, since we were instructed to push all the chairs into lines – The music was turned on, some very European techno beats – and musical chairs began. I was a little confused – we are playing musical chairs with 23 and 24 year olds? It wasn’t until racing against a guy from the Czech Republic, high fiving a girl from China like we were 3 again and we made it excitingly to the next round that I realized that I underestimated the value of the game.

We were all still learning each other’s names, and where we were from – and with this simple game requiring no communication we were all laughing, screaming, bonding and having a really great time. A few other games – including one where we tied balloons to our ankles and had to hop around and pop the other people’s – concluded the evening. Like the first day, I left the evening completely exhausted, yet very satisfied with the great new friends I was making, the surplus of German I was speaking, and the easier transition that was being created for the beginning of University in a foreign country.

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