Sunday, October 25, 2009

Ruiny zamku w Tarnowie

[ Ruins of Tarnów castle ]

Grabbing my scarf and an extra sweatshirt, we were heading out into the chilly night to our first stop of the evening. On the way to our first destination we were passing different houses and buildings, and different history and facts were being told to me – so and so was born here, this is where this event happened - which was great to hear, but with everything in the dark and gone from sight in a blink while driving by, it was a lot to take in. I knew this was how the entire weekend was going to feel – lots of information, and a challenge to keep it all in order.

Approaching a large hill, we drove part way up, and when things began to get steep, we parked and began to hike the rest up a pitch black road only hazily illuminated from the glow of cellphone light. At the top, our breath may have been fogging before our eyes, but the view down with the dotted, glowing streetlights of Tarów below, with the sparkling white stars above was truly a spectacle [ and while we were up there, fingers were still pointed and family history was being told about something in the given direction ]

The view was incredible, but being completely dark, it was a bit dangerous making sure not to trip over large rocks –

Wait, these aren’t just rocks

What?! We are on a castle ruins?

Then, revealed only by flashes of camera light were the rugged, crumbled remains of a castle along the top of the hill. It was definitely not the smartest idea – but with the light of cellphones, I followed my cousins over and under exploring the different “rooms”.

Going down to one arch that I found particularly interesting –ahh


*falls* … right on my dupa.

[darn it… why did I wear a white hoodie…]

From that point on, we were literally tip toeing through the rubble, but with the eerie glow of the night and the stones that you could only imagine were once rooms, the setting was exciting. In one area growing with tall grass and bordered by a rectangle of “walls,” Michał mentioned that it was a great place for a bonfire, and Kaśka added that it was something they had done before, sitting the night on the hill with a group of friends in a circle telling ghost stories. I thought the idea was great – next time it is something that I will have to do for sure!

Later on, back at the base of the hill, we moved along to the center of town to the Tarnów market square. Much smaller than the sprawling Mecca that is the Kraków market square, Tarnów’s was humble but still capturing my love for little European city squares clacking with pedestrians along the cobblestones enjoying the nightlife. Little cafés and lit up jazz clubs lined the perimeter, and in one corner stood a prominent church, which we would later attend packed to the exits for Sunday mass, looming over the rooftop views.

The evening was full of information and events, but it was only the beginning for me of a long weekend ahead with many other people to meet and places to see.

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