Tuesday, October 20, 2009


[ Bar / Nightlife Tour ]

The sun may have been setting on both Friday and Saturday night when the Einführungswochenende was complete, but the night was still young. There were nightlife tours to check out what was popular hangouts in the Univerisity town of Göttingen, and both evenings had Kneipenabend – bar nights.

I found it very enjoyable to go out an see some of the packed bars and grab a table with some other foreign students and meet some new friends. Then you could easily walk over to another table and say hi to another group of people - like the girls from Spain for example that made the request the first time I met them that I always greet them with a kiss on both cheeks like the Spaniards do.

I think one of the neatest parts was that one of the bars and one of the dance clubs went underground. The pub that we visited the first evening had stone walls, and seemed to be part of an underground tunnel, or a very old underground stone cellar that was turned into a very cool setting with flickering candle light against the barrel seats and musty stone walls. The club that we went to late in the evening on Saturday night had a Dj mixing south American and Latin instrumental music, which was unique for me to hear at a dance club, but what was better was the fact that everyone was dancing to it!

On Monday night, after the entire hectic weekend was over, I made my way across town since I had an invitation to a Studentenwohnheim [ student residency ] party hosted by Chilean and Columbian exchange students. There were some recognizable faces there and a bunch of new people to meet including students from South America, Great Britain and finally some German students at the Uni. More South American music was playing and everyone was salsa dancing until the windows were fogged with sweat and condensation. I cannot deny that this weekend was stressful, but after meeting so many great people, having great conversations and seeing some great opportunities for a fun, social weekend night out, I think this is going to be a very fun semester.

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