Wednesday, October 28, 2009

gorąca czekolada

[ Hot Chocolate ]

My last full day in Poland was just Kaśka and me. Unfortunately Michał had appointments he needed to go to in Tarnów, so we said our goodbyes the evening before – it was kind of funny, because after we said goodbye, he said “it was nice to meet you,” which was technically appropriate since just days before we really did meet each other for the first time, but the period that I was with him in Poland didn’t feel like that at all. We had a lot of fun together and I am sure we will see each other again soon – next time I hope he comes to America.

Kaśka had so many ideas for our last day that I had to slow her down but the great thing was that I think she was having as much fun as I was – for many of the things, they were just as new to her as they were for me since she never got around to seeing them.

I wanted to venture around the market square again and see things some more, so that is where we headed to first on the scooter. From there we didn’t know what to do – I was honestly very content enjoying the atmosphere of the bustling square. There were so many people out and about, young, old, some singing and dancing – why, I don’t know – but everything seemed festive for the weekend. Then, something caught my eye and I just pointed in disbelief –

A HUGE bubble.

Really Huge!

There was a performer in front of a statue in the square with some rope contraption he had made and a bucket of soap and he was carefully waving the ropes to produce gigantic bubbles bigger than humans.

It was very cold outside, so I don’t know if that had anything to do with the production of the bubbles, but they lasted for several dozens of seconds being chased by little kids, or blowing up to seem like translucent clouds hanging around the church skyline. After a while *PoP* they would bust and collect in the streaming suds that foamed on the cobblestones.

There were many performers on the market square – from accordion players , to singers , to bubble makers – the entire scene was great and I forgot just how cold it was just enjoying myself.

Then Kaśka had an idea – and a reallllly good one that I couldn’t pass up.

gorąca czekolada

Hot Chocolate.

Not just any hot chocolate though – I am talking Maria-Komasara-Certified-Drinkable-Melted E.Wedel Choc-o-late in a mug!

I did not know, but there is an entire two floor restaurant dedicated to the E.Wedel Polish chocolate confectioner. The place was absolutely packed – everyone at the tables sipping [even spooning] thick melted chocolate out of glass mugs.

I could have hugged Kaśka right there – we were cold AND I had been searching for some real hot chocolate here in Europe these first few months and finally stumbled into the right place – and here it was the specialty of the house by far.

The menu was pages long of milk chocolates, dark , white, with raspberries, oranges, mint, hazelnuts, rum, coffee … the pages went on – so many different combonations.

I got the classic dark with hazelnuts and Kaśka got white chocolate with raspberry.

We both sat back, took in the atmosphere and the sights of trays of cakes and chocolates passing us by.

Finally our mugs came to our table of our melted chocolate – rippling with different colors of cream and browns.

At first bite I understood all the blog comments over the past two months urging me to track down some drinking hot chocolate – this stuff was amazing.

Warm and completely euphoric after our Willy Wonka experience in the classy second story of the E.Wedel shop, Kaśka and I decided to do one other thing that we mentioned to see over our visit together – attend church at the Wawel Castle Cathedral – something that even Kaśka had never done yet.

I had seen the Cathedral briefly with Michał when first observing the Castle grounds, but then it was absolutely full of student groups and tourists – for the mass, especially on a Saturday afternoon – it was strictly for churchgoers. The echoing sounds of the music and the hymns of the Priest were beautiful – The mass in Polish was almost identical to the sounds I heard growing up attending Our Lady of Częstochowa in Michigan and now it was just in the most important Cathedral in all of Poland!

That evening Kaśka had some friends over and she made Lasagna, and we all gathered around and watched Mam Talent – literally “I have Talent” – which is Poland’s answer to Britain’s got Talent. The entire day was awesome, and before bed Kaśka and I had one last chance to reminisce about the great time that we had together the entire visit. In the morning I had my 12 hour train back to Göttingen just in time for the first day of classes on Monday.


  1. hope your having a good time chris

  2. omg I just freaked out reading about your trip to E. Wedel... I love that place! There's one in Warszawa that I went to the last time I was there.. the past few days of posts have made me miss Poland so much, I'm so jealous!! by the way, did you know you can get E. Wedel chocolate in the State? It's only the chocolate bars, but still..