Friday, October 23, 2009


[ Go-Karts ]

In the morning I woke up and had breakfast just myself and Michał. In his bedroom connected to his laptop is a steering wheel for some racing game, so I knew that Michał liked cars, so when he told me that he had a go kart place in the city he wanted to check out later, I really didn’t know what to expect. We took the tram not too far, and at our stop we were crossing Wawel – catching my attention, but for others just an everyday figure in the city.

Kraków has some beautiful sights, with Wawel amongst the many, but as I had mentioned in my first impressions, Poland does have a feeling that it is still rebuilding itself, and from the looks of some areas it is a trial and error process. Along the beautiful riverfront one can see the docked boats, and Wawel hill forming the crest at the horizon, however at the other side of the river, more unnoticed than an eyesore in the construction feel of the city, stands a gray, cement slab-like building of an abandoned hotel. A little reminiscent to me of Detroit – turn one way and you can have a beautiful, awe inspiring view, turn the other and there is a stone skeleton with its windows smashed out.

For me this has less of a feeling of despair, but more of one of motivation for work to be done. As Michał and I came closer to the abandoned building I realized that, whereas it wasn’t a hotel anymore, it wasn’t necessarily abandoned either.

In the parking lot was an entire go-kart course lined up with old tires. It had a comical look, seeming very sketchy, but it still seemed to have potential to be fun. As a matter of fact, the entire facility was being used [under a license … or just taken over?] as an entertainment complex with the Go-karts outside, and in the hotel one part dedicated to laser-tag and the other to paintball.

Michał and I picked out our karts and the assistant gave us our helmets. He revved Michał’s engine and he was off. Then he said something rapid to me and nervous with my helmet on I had to sheepishly yell – Nie mówi po polsku!


My right foot punched the gas and I was flying. These were no regular go-karts. I learned later they were something around 10 Horsepower… for a go-kart?! These things probably wouldn’t be necessarily legal for some parking-lot go-karting in America. I think that was half the fun about it.

Michał passed me three times, and I don’t know if it was because his kart was faster or because I was just a timid driver with screeching turns [probably the later], but the experience was really cool. In fact the entire event got me thinking. For being a place abandoned and slated to be razed, the entertainment complex it was currently being used as was a pretty good idea. I wonder what the paintball and laser-tag inside was like. I suppose that if careers don’t work out for my brother and me, we could find some windowless building in Detroit and start something similar with a paintball zone or a go-kart course.

The idea is perfect.

We will call it The Crac-house.

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  1. hahahhahahahah. oh, the Crac house. you'd almost be popular in a2. ;)