Friday, September 4, 2009

Es ist schon September

[ It is already September ]

From the beginning letters sharing information about the upcoming year from CBYX, the initial language school phase was always, at least in my initial interpretation, a small introduction to the year, and seemingly transient. It was as if it was a precursor to the “real” experience in Germany with school and internships. I guess I had, up to this point, failed to realize just how long two months is (I’ll let you know when I wake up and it hits me – I am here for a year…?! ) but being here with the Weber family for a month now has had me reevaluate my timeline. I didn’t make the connection really that my first two month period in Germany with a host family was just as long as my experiences in Japan and Finland, in both of which I made life-long connections and gained an abundance of new knowledge. Saarbr├╝cken is no different, and I couldn’t ask for a more fun host family to guide me through my induction as a functional citizen in German society than the Weber family.

Their family is big, and to them, family is very important, which is something that I feel so fortunate to be a part of. Everyday has laughs and I really am learning quite a bit with them. I have enjoyed looking through hundreds of pictures of Adriane’s of her experiences abroad, talking to Eva about the strange things we do as Americans, or having a language tradeoff with Klara [ I speak German, and she talks English back ]. Olli and Lutz, the boyfriends of Adriane and Eva are practically parts of the family too, over very often, and already very integrated into the family’s lives. So just there it is like I have 5 host siblings – 4 of them the same age as me!

As I have mentioned before, the Weber’s even self declare the French influences they have as Germans living in Saarbr├╝cken and I think I am beginning to notice the cultural fusions. Besides their German accent being a little different ( and an accent I personally find prettier right now) I have noted things the family does that I am not sure yet if it is more German, more Mediterranean, or just the Webers being Webers. The family is very passionate, lots of hugs and kisses even when leaving the home for work or returning from school. Angelika has pulled me right into the mix, and it hasn’t been the first time so far that I have walked by a mirror a few minutes after seeing her that I notice I have to wipe a perfect, bright pink lip imprint off my cheek.

I am so fortunate to be living with them, and I love them for involving me so fully into their family. Family outings, great meals with good conversation, patience to teach me and correct my choppy German, and many great memories already this early in the year - I am so excited for the rest of September and the new stories that will evolve from it with the Weber family!


  1. Hey Chris--it's Kelly from JPDO. Facebook brought your blog up in my minifeed and I followed the links here. I just wanted to tell you what a fantastic and entertaining blog this is. You must be having a fabulous time. You have such a unique and wonderful ability to connect with people. I think it's safe to say I'm living vicariously through you and your travels.

    I'm glad you are having such a great time. I know that if *I* were to have you as my host brother, I would count myself lucky.

    Keep updating! Ich mo:chte mehr lesen!

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