Friday, September 11, 2009

Sept. 11

Today was unique because it was the first time I have been in another country on September 11th, which has become a day of remembrance back in the states over the past years recovering from the terrible events in 2001. Unique, maybe, because if I didn't look at a calendar, this Friday would have came and passed, and I wouldn't have really thought twice about 9-11 because there was nothing to really remind me - no increase in American flags, no memorial service on TV. [Now, I did not watch any news broadcasts today, so I cannot say that there may or may not have been programs on German news about 9-11 in the States.]

As a matter of fact, the one thing that actually reminded me that today was September 11th was this poster I saw downtown. On many walls downtown, there are posters all around advertising clubs and bars and special DJ appearances, but this one poster was just downright shocking to me and an American friend of mine from school. The ad is obviously for a club playing hip hop and funk music, but then what was the purpose to integrate the artwork with the twin towers? The poster suceeded in what it was created to do - most likely emphasize that the event was this Friday, September 11th and how the towers are now a symbol to campaign this day.

This post is not to say that Germany is not sensitive to September 11th's scars on America - they really are [ and Angela Merkel was a very steadfast ally throughout the aftermatter to resolve conflicts in the middle east and terrorism after the fact]. It is more to just address my realization that Sept. 11th holds different symbolism and meaning from outside the States. To see a poster like this in America would be downright blasphemous, if not in the New York Times editorials the next day. Here, it was just casually on a poster on the wall downtown.

The day came and passed, and I really did not discuss anything about the day with any Germans [ I was kind of expecting questions]. Angelika commented how terrible it was to witness it in Germany years ago when she realized what today was, but ultimately, the day was very normal for me as an American. I am sure that issues connected to 9-11 will be re-addressed this year when I become more indepth in conversations about American and European politics and current events, but as for today, it was just an opportunity and reminder to appreciate what it means to be an American and represent my country abroad, and also continue to keep observing news and America from a foreign and new perspective as well.

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  1. It was remembered is now called Patriot Day..

    Maria K.