Sunday, September 27, 2009

o'zapft is

[ The tap is open! ]

TGIF - Not only was last Friday the greatly anticipated first day of the weekend, but it was also the day of our German examination marking the end of our intensive language school curriculum. My teachers at the school have all been extremely nice and helpful - but for anyone, I am sure that 7 hours of German grammar a day can be true agony at times.

At home on Friday some men were walking rental tables and benches into the back yard which was for our Family's Oktoberfest party that was going to be held on Sunday for many friends and family of the Weber's. Along with the tables and seating came the huge keg of real Bavarian beer on tap for the weekend as well. I thought it was cool how elaborate my host parents were making the party, and I was looking forward to Sunday.

Come to find out, however, that just like preparation for dinners at the house, the fun doesn't begin when the party begins - it is the entire duration of the set up as well. As I have mentioned from my Oktoberfest posts, o'zapft is is a Bavarian dialect saying " Its tapped! ", and in a way, that is exactly what happened at the Webber house on Friday evening. The family was together – in fact I met another older sibling of the family, Boris, who stopped by to visit as well – and the evening already felt a bit festive. While dinner was being made, Angelika called me outside and next thing you know, Stefan, Boris, Angelika and I were all clinking glasses of the foamy weizenbier and toasting each other with a Prost!

Someone turned on some Bavarian music in the background complete with yodeling and accordion playing, and this only evolved into the entire family singing and dancing some square dance variation that Stefan was showing us, and I was spinning Klara around in my arms. Angelika pulled some ingredients together as well as some crepes, and before you know it we had a flambé dessert glowing blue on the table. I would like to say that the evening was just another normal day at the Weber house, but this just proves that everyday with them is full of excitement and never like the last.

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  1. sweet...however I am still concerned about the hot chocolate?!! Maria K.