Thursday, September 24, 2009

Oktoberfest - Tag zwei

[ Oktoberfest day 2 ]

After church, we had a few hours to head back down to the Oktoberfest festival so that I could actually enjoy it this time together with Ciocia.

Once we got to the festival and, once again, walked past the bridge and followed the crowds of people, Ciocia had something in mind – a big Bretzeln. The Pretzel was so huge we HAD to pause to have a photo-op with it.

Ciocia also wanted to know what time the parade was for the day, and where it would take place, so she stopped to ask one of the police guards and she fumbled with her German to ask the questions. The police officer must have found it humorous since when he would respond to Ciocia, she would turn “Ok, so Krzysiu…” and reiterate the same thing, but with less convincing German grammar. I guess the situation would look funny. Usually when a foreigner comes to ask you a question , and they tell someone else, they translate it to the mother-tongue that they both understand. Well after Ciocia asked the police officer, she turned and told it to me, still in German, but just not grammatically correct with me just nodding - ja , ja – I think the cop found our way of communicating humorous.

In the festival, the weather and skies were even clearer than the day before. Along with Ciocia I was actually able to venture to other areas as well and see other parts of the huge fair. The grounds definitely looked as if there was a lot of commotion, and it was only the morning of the second day – I can’t imagine what the area looks like after 3 weeks and 6 and a half million visitors and tourists later… probably still extremely festive, but really dirty.

[" You can go there if you must " This little cupid points you to the bathrooms - over 6 million people, and 6.5+ million liters of beer in three weeks... to some these little cupids might be a godsend... ]

That doesn’t stop you from being swept up in the great smells and sights of the area, however. The roasting nuts, frosted heart cookies that people wear around their necks with little sayings – like conversation hearts, rows of cakes and chocolate covered fruits, it is amazing. If I could, this would become a staple of things I need to do to completely enjoy fall.

Walking around we caught sites of the amusement rides, more people dressed in German outfits, great arrays of foods and souvenirs, we were both truly enjoying the environment. Ciocia had told me that even though she lives here now, she rarely comes down to the festival when it comes every year. She had a little agenda as well, and had her eyes set on the huge Ferris wheel at the end of the street.

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