Monday, September 28, 2009

Oktoberfest à la Weber-style

The guests were all marching in - the door of the house was pretty much just left open for everyone to walk through. All the people that trickled into the garten were all people that I had met at least once or twice over the past two months here, either being neighbors, or guests to some of Angelika's excellent dinner parties. It was very nice to shake hands with everyone and chat, and I got a bit of a boost of confidence when people were surprised over my progress with German since the last time I saw them. I still have a long way to go, but the fact that I could essentially chat with people after only two months here not only surprises them, but surprises myself everyday as well! It gives me more motivation to work just as hard over the next ten months as well.

Most of the guests were all coming in with their typical Bavarian outfits, and I was really enjoying how elaborate some people got with theirs. Then, the surprise of the afternoon came for me, when my host aunt Gaby arrived. She is such a sweetheart and always great to see and came with a typical dress shirt and handkerchief for me to borrow for the day! Yes! finally I could fit in and look German like a rest of the Oktoberfest crowd. You could only imagine that I was beaming while strutting around the backyard amongst the cheerful reactions from the Germans around the garten.

The decorations of the party were excellent - so perfect with the heart cookies dangling, the festive fall harvest centerpieces on the tables, and the cow randomly in the background that became the focal photo-op of the party. The Bier tap was streaming, and the food was served.

[ Die Schwestern - The sisters ]

Everything was delicious, and many of the items were the things that I was able to enjoy with Ciocia Zosia last week in Munich as well! Weiβwurst, Schweinhax'n, Kartoffelsalat, warm Bretzeln and many other salads and meats as well. The grill was hot for everyone to have their fatty pieces of Schweinhax'n pork crackling and dripping with grease, and accompanied with some saurkraut, it was all perfection.

[ I have no idea what they were wearing... or why they were grilling a pretzel... oh 12 year olds ;) ]

The party was a hit, with everyone dressed for the occasion, one guest strumming away tunes on his guitar, the middle aged ladies all a bit blushed in the cheeks having a wild time cracking jokes and singing along some American classics with some excellent accents, and everyone really just having a great time.

The dessert table was set up later, complete was a wide array of typical Bavarian sweets, many complete with the essence of poppyseeds, cherries, plums and other fruits and nuts. The festivities went ALL day - starting at 11 am, all the way past 11 pm with some family members staying late socializing by the beer on tap, and then moving upstairs where we all played card games.

Stefan was especially pleased with the great international turn out that arrived at the party from his group of friends. He was proudly telling me how he had guests with backgrounds from France, Haiti, China, Korea, America, Poland, Germany [ ... and Bavaria , worth calling them another nationality he joked!] all attending the party. I thought that was quite impressive as well, and I think really shows just how international the Weber family really is.

The Sunday was perfect, exhausting, delicious, loud, and overall a lot of fun. It was a great way to spend time with this host family that I really love being with so much, and helping out with all of the behind the scenes fun before and during the party preparing as well. I enjoyed myself so much at the party - festive, of course, in my fitting outfit - that the looming departure date later in the week and the packing ahead was the last thing on my mind.

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  1. I don't want you to leave the Weber's!!! I am glad you had such memorable weekend... Can't wait for the next adventure

    Maria K.