Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Kunst zu Hause

[ Art at home ]

Everything has been going very well for me here in Germany so far. I think it can be easily summed up from past posts that it can be credited to my incredible host family here in Saarbrücken. I have noticed however that I have not really shown too much about where I live however, and I hope to show that here even though my time here is reaching a close within the next few weeks.

My house here at Am. Triller 2 is pretty fantastic. Since it is on a large hill ( and near the castle, which I love passing everyday to the bus), it has a great view of the city from the garden. I actually live in the family room, which is in the walk out basement. ( since it is on a hill, it seems like most houses are like this) The room is big and I have the entire couch to sleep on.

[ This has scared me a number of times walking upstairs in the dark at night... ]

One of the coolest aspects of the house is the large amounts of art that decorates the hallways that has been done by all of the kids in the Weber family. I took pictures of some to give a sample of what furnishes the walls here in the house. I have been fortunate to live abroad in houses with artistic host siblings. Anna in Helsinki, Finland had a great talent for art, and I always enjoyed viewing her work and accomplishments as well.

[ The entire family - painted by Moritz ]

The family seems to be very artistic, with the art all around, the great appreciation to good food and wine, and also hearing Klara in the background practicing her piano daily. With all of this around, it is hard to have any complaints at all about where I am living.

[ One of my favorites. I think it is great. ]

[ The view of the garden from the balcony. A great place to sit and write...]

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  1. I love the angel in curlers art ;)

    Maria K.