Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Halten Sie den Bus auf!

[ Stop the Bus! ]

A little side story inbetween the dinner and the continued tour of the eveing. While driving, we were going along our regular rout seeing the sights of Paris, and then once we turned onto one of the many round-a-bouts in the city, there it was once again - the Eiffel Tour, however this time it was there in the horizon literally sparkling.

Halten Sie den Bus auf!

Everone had their cameras out, and the group of middle aged ladies were practically yelling to stop the bus. We practically got out of the bus almost in the middle of the street, barely parked, if at all legally.

We ran, and amongst crowds of people, just stared at the tower that was actually glittering with lights. It was absolutely beautiful and very, very exciting.

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  1. :) I just loved it when the tower lights twinkled ;)

    Maria K.