Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Einkaufen für Schuhe

[ Shoe Shopping ]

Coming back from school today, Angelika greeted me and asked if I wanted to join her meeting the girls downtown. I said sure, of course, since it was a great day outside - perfect fall weather already ! I love it! - and I didn't want to pass up an outing with Angelika and my host sisters.

I actually didn't even know what I had gotten myself into. It turned out to be an afternoon of shoe shopping. Hopping from store to store checking out shoes and winter boots - which evolved into jackets, and shirts, and skirts... and well, it turned into a fashion show.

I am not complaining however, because it was all worth it for one photo. This photo is like gold. In one of the boutiques Angelika and Eva started having a bit of fun and just started puting random stuff on. The results were hilarious.

After the shopping extraveganza, the rest of the day was normal. I headed to the Gym with my host sisters ( I have a temporary trial pass ) and then finished the evening having with dinner with the entire family. Conversations are great at the dinner table. I feel that I do a lot more listening than talking - since when I do talk, I butcher the language to no end - but with some corrections and patience and feel I learn the most by far while eating dinner with the Weber family.

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  1. but where is a goofy picture of you in different outfits? What did you buy for yourself and more importantly what did you buy me? ;)

    Maria K.