Monday, September 28, 2009

Ein festliches Haus

[ A Festive household ]

After coming back with Stefan from the very neat outing to the Saarbahn grand opening, the house was already underway with a lot of hustle and bustle. Stuff was being moved around, dishes prepped for the next day - everything was pretty hectic. I was loving it however, because the organized chaos felt just like my family's experiences during the holidays, and this Oktoberfest party felt just like a holiday weekend - Family members and friends in and out of the house, foods being prepped with all the ladies tasting, pinching, rolling in the kitchen, great smells coming out of the oven, boxes of different things being taken up and down the stairs. The stress of being a busy body long with everyone was really energizing and a lot of fun.

[ The party planning book that Angelika always notes the menu for her dinner parties ]

The preparations moved right along to Sunday morning where we started the day with a cup of coffee before everything would become go go go again. Like the day before, we chatted about random things while at the dining table, especially the fact that this was my last weekend here.

-Well maybe you could come back here with us and work in Saarbrücken - maybe with the mayor.

- oh really. nice. who is the mayor?

- Chris... you met her already... at the art gallery... no wait TWICE, she was the lady that you talked to with red hair at the Saarbahn event as well.


- I have talked to the mayor... twice?!

[ Just another note-to-self to keep up those good first impressions and small talk auf Deutsch... you never know when you will be chatting with the mayor... twice...]

I was still a bit amazed - one for the fact that my usually observant self failed to realize all the people that I have been meeting over the past few days - but also amazed over just how cool it really is to , in a way, unknowingly be chatting as a guest American youth to so many important people and sharing my excitement about living in Germany with them.

The breakfast ended quickly, and Stefan and Angelika went out to vote. Yes, this Sunday was the national election - and with all the hectic events taking place, I wish I could have been paying more attention to the publicity about it - but I will for sure be looking into it and jotting down some notes here soon.

Once they arrived back home, Angelika got her Dirndl on, and the food was being moved from upstairs to the downstairs - heart cookies hung from the trees - real ivy, apple and gourds decorated the tables - hot pretzels were in the oven, and before we knew it, the guests were moving in!

O'zapf is! Oktoberfest at the Weber house begins!


  1. Chris!! Hey-- so i know i haven't talked to you in a LONG time! Sorry with everything and school, I feel like im on the GO CONSTANTLY. Though it looks like you are having an amazing time :) The heart shaped cookies hanging from the trees is by far so cool. We should definitely start that tradition back in the "states". Trifft Damen? Ist das soziale Leben viel mehr Spaß in Deutschland? <---Thought i would test your german skills a little! Im hoping I win the lottery, because if i do I'll be on a plane off to Germany in no time!!!! (cross your fingers for me). Gute Nacht


  2. You really need to get a list from your host note all of the people you actually met and chatted to ;)

    Maria K.