Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Die Stadt des Lichts

[ The City of Light ]

The tour continued with some more cruising down streets in Paris – all the while, attempting to get a snapshot of a cute café – turn left –


whoa that was the arc de triumph.

Then we were dropped off at our Hotel for just enough time to change our clothes and put our stuff in our rooms. We had two rooms, one for the guys and one for the girls, but of course we joked around:

Room 431 for Eva and Lutz

The other for Adriane and Olli

… oh Chris…

You can be in the hallway


Dressed and ready for dinner, we were back on the bus and heading off to a restaurant where we had pre arranged reservations from the tour. Just a bit touristy – we can’t deny it, we were tourists and fell for the ploy – the restaurant was still a lot of fun, especially with the company that I was with. Eva, Adriane, Lutz and Olli are great and we always have good laughs, and this weekend was full of them. Also at our table were three Russian tourists, and together we all toasted to our weekend in Paris, and the start of our multicourse meal.

It was when we were leaving the restaurant that the real magic of Paris was starting to reveal itself. It was becoming dusk, and the lights were coming on.

The lights in Paris - from the nickname The city of lights - are different than what one would expect from a lit up city – like light checkered skyscrapers in New York or the neon avenues of Shinjuku in Tokyo.

The street lamps and lights in Paris just make everything glow and seem to accent and shadow all the buildings, monuments, statues and stone crested buildings really revealing so much detail of the city.

The Champs-Élysées was stunning at night. It is the main street in Paris with many shops and cafe's. It is known by the French as the most beautiful avenue in the world, and it did not dissapoint.

We walked up and down the street for a few hours, and seeing the bustling crouds of people enjoying luxurious Saturday evenings out, having cars cruising by, and the Arc de Triumph marking the end of the street from all views, it is an incredible place to be.

Albeit, it was extremely expensive, but it was very enjoyable walking the avenue and checking out shops, which was another surprise, because many were still well open even after midnight!

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  1. awesome pictures...I am glad you were able to enjoy those sights...

    Maria K.