Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Der Geburtstag von Gaby

[ Aunt Gaby's birthday ]

The weekend full of parties and fun events continued on to Monday evening which was the Birthday of my host Aunt Gaby - The sister of Angelika, and the aunt that surprised me with the German outfit for the Oktoberfest party! I had spent the first part of the day utilizing the only spare time that I had the entire weekend before Tuesday morning to get my luggage ready to be sent - with everything happening so fast, it was definitely a bit stressful and I had a lot of stuff on my mind.

Luckily I had Monday evening to unwind when the family all drove over to a nearby city to visit Gaby's open house birthday party that she says she does every year. It is actually a very cute idea, since in the late afternoon she had the living room set up with a great spread of coffee, tea and many different cakes, and a bunch of friends sitting around to gossip and laugh with.

As the evening progressed and the sun set, some friends left, others trickled in, a huge champagne bottle was popped, and the open house continued. Gaby had some candles lit which was accompanied by a great dinner - fancy food that she made including delicious beef stewed in a wine sauce and pumpkin soup, yet, in a casual serve yourself when you please style from the kitchen.

The conversations with her family and friends all around her - some arriving still even in the evening - had Gaby glowing the entire evening. Everyone's chatting became very rapid and with complex German [ Which scared me a little bit to be more independent in the 'real' world starting Wednesday with my life in Germany...], but as the night became very late, and everyone enjoyed wine with various cheese selections that Gaby prepared, it was just enjoyable to sit and absorb the happy environment. Sometimes I wish I could express this to the people around me, since I worry that it may look like I am a deer in the headlights clueless about the German spoken around me, but really, I am just taking-it-all-in, and soaking up this great family enviroment here in Germany.

I hope that Gaby had a great birthday, and I promised her that I would be returning later this year to visit the Weber's again. Monday ended very late into Tuesday only giving me a few hours to sleep before my last day of classes at the CDC truly marking the end of language school and my first phase of my year in Germany.

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  1. That is a great idea to host an open house for your own birthday....I would be worried that nobody would show up to mine!!! Happily your Host Aunt did not have the problem ;)

    Maria K.