Friday, September 25, 2009

Den ersten Wiesn Sonntag

[ The first Sunday of Oktoberfest ]

Ciocia was very anxious to head down the street to find a spot to view the parade, and now I know why she enjoys seeing it so much. The parade has so many costumes and music, and really so much variety to see. This post will be a representative collage of photos from the parade, since it was seriously huge - the entire procession was probably over 2 hours long.

[ He must be pretty special having four guys carry a wreath-crown around him ]

The parade in known as the Oktoberfest costume and riflemen's Parade. It is always on the first Wiesn Sunday. Die Wiesn is what the locals in Munich call the Oktoberfest since the festival takes place at Theresienwiese. The parade is an extremely long showcasing of various traditional costumes and military wear throughout the many villages and towns of Bavaria [ and different eras as well I think ].

[ Great music the entire parade ]

[ Light blue and white diagonal checkers - symbol from the Bavarian crest ]

[ Yes... those are Germans in blackface makeup... definitely could never do that in the states... even when representing trade rout culture in Bavarian history ]

There were many musicians tooting and banging traditional Bavarian tunes, always seeming to have that festive "oom pah pah" bounce to them. There were Germans dressed up, young and old, in a variety of different costumes. The entire environment really captured the essence of Oktoberfest, with all kinds of people dressed in outfits - tall and blonde, small children in Lederhosen in tiny flower covered wagons, busty Frauen in their Dirndl, Germans with rosy cheeks [some even carrying their Biers in the Parade], men with mustaches that curled into tremendous loops at the end [ Ciocia and I tried to find the longest 'stache], and when you were lucky, a man or woman would let out an energized yodel for the crowd - Yoooooooweeeeeeoooo.

[ These peasants were totally in character - look, they did the parade barefoot! ]

[ This cop was constantly running around trying to stop people from crossing the parade... here are some people sneaking behind his back! ]

Ciocia and I probably watched the parade for over an hour. We had a great time pointing, oohing, ahhing, [laughing when people would try to run across the parade, and the cop chased them down - only to have more dart behind his back]. I had a great time seeing so many of the outfits and the culture of Bavaria, and I was also so glad that Ciocia was having a great time as well.

[ Got Bier? ]

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