Friday, September 25, 2009

Das Riesenrad

[ The Ferris Wheel ]

The huge Ferris-wheel at the end of the fair was definitely a great backdrop behind all the amusement stands and beer tents. It was very cute as well, decorated like little Bavarian mountain houses.

When Ciocia and I were in line, she kept pushing me forward to make sure that we had the prime window seats. When we were inside and up in the sky, it was then that I realized why.

The view was incredible. You saw the entire festival thriving beneath you, all the people, and the huge Bierzelten around. Then, in the distance, as a grand background, you had the beautiful skyline of Munich with its churches and Rathaus along with other buildings. It was so sweet, and I could tell that Ciocia was truly enjoying the beautiful views too.

Actually from above, we could see the crowds of people preparing for the parade below! Ciocia was also excited to see that since she was talking about it earlier in the weekend as well. Once back on solid ground, we then weaved our way over to find a spot along the barricaded street to see what was going to march along towards are way.

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  1. awesome views....would have liked to see the littl polish lady pushing you ;)

    Maria K.